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Christian Pilgramage

Day 1 - Jerusalem
Start the day on the Mount of Olives which offers panoramic views of the Old City of Jerusalem. Walk though the Garden of Gethsemane and enter the Church of All Nations also called the church of Agony.
Visit Church of AscendingPater Noster Church where Jesus taught his disciples the “our father”.  Cross the Kidron Valley, pass the Tombs of Absalom and Zechariah. Arrive at Mount Zion, to visit the Room of the Last Supper. Time will be available for a prayer service.
Dinner and overnight: Jerusalem
Day 2
Drive to Bethlehem, viewing Rachel Tomb.
Enter Basilica of Nativity, built on the site of Jesus’ birth. Visit the Model of the City of Jerusalem, at the time of the Second Temple.
Depart to Mt. Herzl to visit the Holocaust Museum "Yad Vashem" (see pictue), a museum in memory of the six million Jews that suffered and died during the 2nd world war. End the day with communion service in the Garden Tomb.
Dinner and overnight: Jerusalem
Day 3  
Enter the Old City through the Dung Gate. View the Dome of the Rock, where king Solomon’s Temple stood and the rock where Abraham stood to sacrifice Isaac. Stop at the Western Wall. Visit Eco Homo and walk along Via-Dolorosa to the Bath of Bethesda,
house of Pontius Pilate.Visit Church of Holy Sepulcher. Walk through the Jewish Quarter.
Dinner and overnight:  Jerusalem
Day 4
Morning of leisure in Jerusalem
Dinner and overnight:  Jerusalem
Day 5
Drive South the Arva Valley to reach Masada.
Ascend by cable car and see the impressive historical site, the last stronghold of the Zealots in their struggle against the Romans.
Travel along water's edge, below sea level to reach the shores of the Dead Sea. Enjoy the treasures of the Dead Sea in natural thermal springs, sculpture pools mud baths and a “swim” in the Dead Sea. 
Drive via Jordan Valley to Jericho, the oldest known city in the western world.
Observe St. George Monastery in Wade Qelt.
See the Mount of Temptation. Drive North to Tiberius, capital of the Galilee.
Dinner and overnight: Dganya hotel - Sea of Galilee
Day 6
Drive to Megiddo, where excavations have unearthed 20 layers of civilization, most likely the site of Armageddon of the book of Revelations, where the final battle between the forces of good and evil will take place.
Have a traditional St. Peter's fish lunch.
Enjoy a boat-ride on the Sea of Galilee.
Time will be available for prayer service.
Dinner and overnight: Dganya hotel - Sea of Galilee
Day 7
 Drive North to Golan Heights where Israel Northboards with Lebanon.  Enter the Banias Springs, one of the three sources of the Jordan River, with crystal clear water. Visit Chapel of Mensa Christi. Bubbling out of the grounded passing
through the Haul Valley.
Dinner and overnight: Dganya hotel - Sea of Galilee

Day 8
Visit the Baptismal site on Jordan River.
Drive to Capernaum, home town of St. Peter. Stop in Tabgha,  site of the multiplication of fish and loaves on Mount Beatitudes.
Continue to the Village of Cana, where Jesus performed his first miracle of converting water into wine at a wedding.
Dinner and overnight: Dganya hotel - Sea of Galilee
Day 9
Drive along the Jezreel Valley and arrive in Nazareth, home of Joseph and Mary. Enter the Church of Annunciation built over the traditional site of Joseph and
Mary's home. Nearby is Mary's well.
Dinner and overnight: Dganya hotel - Sea of Galilee
Day 10
Drive South to Mt. Carmel, where Elijah held a contest against the false prophet of Ba’al. Sight-seeing tour to Haifa. View Persian Garden.
Drive to Tel-Aviv and walk through Jaffa which is the biblical town of Joppa.
Late afternoon enjoy fare well dinner in Tel-Aviv restaurant.
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