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How's the Weather?

December- January- February
are winter months. It may rain, and once every two years it may even snow in Jerusalem and Safed.
Temperature are roughly 0-15 degrees celsius.
In Eilat: 10-20 degrees celsius.
What should I pack?
Warm clothes, warm coat.
Find out about season in Israel, suit your plans to weather conditions and pack your bags accordingly.
* Eilat in the most southern point in Israel and is characterized by a different and more tropic climate than the rest of the country.

** To convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit, double the figure and add 30. For example 10 degrees celsius = 50 degrees fahrengiet
June - July - August are summer months. It is hot all over the country, humid in cities near the Sea.
Great time to swim and surf.
Temperatures are roughly 15-40 degrees celsius.
In Eilat: 25-45 degrees celsius
What should I pack?
Shorts, light clothes, sunglasses and hat, don't forget your bathing suit!
March - April - May are spring months. Though it may still rain from time to time, weather heats up and the sun comes out. Beautiful time to tour nature and watch rivers flow. Temperatures are roughly 10-25 degrees celsius.
In Eilat: 15-30 degrees celsius.
What should I pack?
Light and long clothes, light coat, closed shoes.
September - October - November are Autumn months, the weather begins to cool but most days are warm.
Rainy days usually start in October.
Temperatures are roughly 10-30 degrees celsius.
In Eilat: 15-35 degrees celsius.
What should I pack?
Just like in the spring - long but light clothes, light coat, closed shoes.

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