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Transportation in Israel

How do you move around in Israel?

There are a few ways:

Taxis- there are taxis you can catch, they are white with yellow signs on their tops.

Car Rent - rent a car for your entire stay for confortable prices, be independant and drive where ever you wish to go!

Public transportation- There are public buses you can use, you can get information from the Egged website: Buses in Israel

Trains- There is the public train which has lines from Northern Naharia- the most north-western point, until Be'er Sheba - the capitol of the south. You may even reach Jerusalem with the train. For more info: Israel Train

Light Rail in Jerusalem - The New light rail in Jerusalem helps you cross town within minutes, reaching the old city and many other sites in no time: Jerusalem Rail

Domestic Flights - if you are considering reaching Eilat, you might want to consider catching a flight from the Tel Aviv airport. It is more economic, and a lot faster, saving you up to 4 hours of driving. Domestic flights are available throughout the week for low costs.



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